Still Life
I love to collect things. I love their history. If it's a toy, I often wonder who played with them, what joy they brought others, where it came from and how old it is.

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Inanimate objects serve many needs. Chairs, for example are like comfortable people to me. After all, they are furnished with arms and legs. So yes, objects have purpose in life and if you personify this, they will speak to you... if you are listening. You will find that they have their own life force..even answers. For example, I bought this Irish Glider from an antique dealer back in 1987 and I was so excited upon seeing it as it arrived directly off the boat from Ireland. We proudly displayed it in our livingroom. Months went by until one day I realized that this excitment was a result of my childhood fascination with riding spring horses and a deep desire to always wanting to be a cowboy! I had collected this riding toy subconsciously not knowing why. I realize now I was simply buying back my childhood. You can find out some pretty cool stuff about yourself... if your aerial is up.