Seascapes are akin to landscape painting. I have watched the ubiquitous blue line for hours.

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It's like praying a mantra. Tonality changes in the colour of the water, the wind drawing across its surface, the white breaking wave interupting the blue-grey, and the light bouncing like pearl drops on its jeweled surface. This massive space, with all of its glorious thunder is both ominous and spiritual. And under its beautiful gem like surface, is an undercurrent of foreboding danger. Now here's the "yin yang", the opposing forces in a painting, like life itself. It is the perfect structural balance of harmony and rhythm that is the underlying metaphoric necessity in any painting..., safe yet dangerous, warm yet cold, a giver of life, a taker of is in itself....... life and death! This fact alone is the power in painting, some might think the rest is just candy.