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“The Art of Barry McCarthy - Quiet Moments”

The Art of Barry McCarthy - Quiet Moments is full colour 120 page book available in hardcover 13 × 11 in. (33 × 28 cm) and softcover 13 × 11 in. (33 × 28 cm). The book showcases over 140 works completed over the last 20 years.

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“Watercolours by Barry McCarthy”

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Watercolour Class CD

A Flawless Method and Approach to Watercolours:

A highly, informative CD on how to paint watercolours my way. After 40 years of painting watercolours I have learned some tricks with a novel approach to process. The CD instructions has been compiled after teaching adults for over 20 years, a very strict code of process and has shaved 10 years off their learning curve. Many of these students have moved on developing their own process and style and are now winning awards for their efforts!

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